Led Phone Cases

Your device won’t be left unnoticed with the new LED light smartphone case. It’s unique full screen luminous design allows easy access to all buttons, control, and ports without removing the case.

  • Thin and light
  • Fullscreen luminous
  • Soft TPU bumper
  • Works with wireless charger
  • Automatically sync up to your Phone’s speaker and play a unique light show

What Are the Advantages of LED Phone Cases?

Led Phone Cases multiple built-in LED lights. LED back panel blinks when you have an incoming call or notification. It is built of high-quality TPU plastic that protects the phone from scratches, bumps, and dents. The case is really slim, it doesn’t look bulky, protects your phone from scratches, bumps and dents.

Advantages of LED Phone Cases:

  • Won’t burn out on the sun, not affected by temperatures.
  • Won’t scratch or crack from fall.
  • Dust resistant – won’t collect dirt on its surface.

As you can see, the LED phone case is a worthy alternative to plastic and silicone cases. It combines all of the best features that you want to have for your smartphone. Feel free to check our product catalog to buy the perfect model for your device!

We Offer a Giant Selection of Designs for Led Phone Cases

Led Light iPhone Cases

We offer stylish and protective LED iPhone cases for all models. Thousands of designs are waiting for you

Samsung Led Phone Cases

Check out our wide range of LED phone cases for Samsung models. Personalize your smartphone to fit your style, to make them as unique as you are.

Glowing Wireless Chargers

Choose a handy accessory that allows you to conveniently and efficiently recharge your gadget’s battery without being tied to cables. Get a wireless charger with a unique led design. You can place it on your desktop at home, in the office, or even in the car.

9H tempered glass back panel + soft TPU cover

Soft & light TPU cover that perfectly fit your model

Protects your phone from scratches, marks, dust, and fingerprints.

Unique design – pick one that suit your style.

LED Cases That Built With Quality

The back panel of LED phone case is built with three different layers from different materials:

  1. The soft TPU case from thermoplastic polyurethane works as a shock absorbent and protects your device from fall damage;
  2. LED panel with exclusive design and chip for establishing connection smartphone;
  3. 9H tempered glass back panel that needs for protecting your device scratches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost of the LED phone case is $45. Price and other details may vary based on the type of case and model of your smartphone.

To start using a LED phone case, simply plug in a connector at the bottom of the phone case in the charging port of your device.

The LED phone case uses 2% of the battery for working 24 hours straight with the light turned on the back panel. The case has installed an ultra-efficient LED light source that will work for over 30,000 hours.

Yes, the LED case supports wireless charging, so there is no need to remove the case.

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