Phone Case Sticker Pack

Adding a sticker to your phone case is a great way to stand out and make your gadget design unique. Getting bored of your smartphone or tablet? Decorate it with an anime sticker from one of our stores. Currently, our website has more than 4,000 images of various styles.

Our customers highly value the quality of stickers, the efficiency of printing and delivery, as well as affordable prices. If you decide to buy stickers for your phone, our team will make the best sticker pack for phone case in the shortest possible time, which will decorate device for many years.


What Are Phone Stickers Made For

You might think that vinyl stickers are a purely visual accessory that has no function other than to decorate the surface of phone case. However, stickers can perform many other functions, such as:

  • Creating a unique style. One sticker dramatically changes the appearance of the phone and significantly distinguishes it from other devices. Characters from many movies, games, anime, and other franchises are available among our stickers.
  • Masking the damage. A smartphone, like a tablet, is a rather fragile thing that is constantly in a person’s hands due to day-to-day use. Such devices are very often fall, scratch, and become worn out. Although this rarely affects their functionality, the impression of their use is a bit spoiled. Stickers on the phone perfectly mask such damage and make the device look attractive again.
  • Protecting the phone surface. In addition to aesthetic benefits, stickers can also prevent various damages. If you are tired of the sticker – you can always re-glue it, but the surface of the gadget will remain intact. Vinyl stickers are very durable, they last a long time and retain their color, brightness, and do not deteriorate from water.

How to Put Stickers on Your Phone

It is very easy to glue stickers on the phone. However, there are a few important steps you can take to ensure that the stickers will stay on your smartphone for a really long time:

1. Clean the surface of the phone or tablet from dirt.

2. Degrease it with rubbing alcohol.

3. Carefully put the sticker to the surface. Try to do it most accurately and precise.

Where to Buy Phone Case Sticker?

Feel free to check out stickers designs that already available on our website, or look through the full catalogue by clicking “Find more stickers” button. Our site is very convenient and easy to use, just pick the design of sticker that you like the best and confirm the order. It takes less than a minute to place an order. Printing and shipping will be done immediately on the day of order.

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